Community services board

Community services board

Community services board

At Hornsby NOVA Transition, we are proud to be part of the local community. Ultimately, we hope to get work in our local community! We are interested in learning about local services and events, so we’ve set up a community services board at Transition.

Our research for the community services board included:

  • collecting pamphlets from local businesses and services
  • searching the Internet for local services and events
  • looking out for local events whenever we walk around Hornsby.

What’s on?

Any time we find an event in Hornsby that we might want to go to, we post it on the community services board to share it with others. One trainee found a trivia night that they would like to attend with their family and friends. Other trainees have attended their local area youth groups on the weekends.

Need help?

At Transition we know the people to call if we are feeling troubled or not having a good day. Our noticeboard has details of services such as Lifeline, and information about mental illness. It’s a place where we can find someone who will listen to us on the phone or online.

Need a service?

Our community services board has information and details of services we might need, for example about renting a home, or what to do if we get injured at work. It also has pamphlets about local businesses we can call if we need catering for an event here at Transition.

Creating our community services board has helped us to get to know our local community better, and it’s a resource we can continue to use while we are at Transition.

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