What happens at NOVA Transition?

What happens at NOVA Transition?

What happens at NOVA Transition?

You’ve heard that NOVA Transition is about exploring your job choices and getting work ready. To give you an idea of what it’s really like, Rockdale trainees share some of what they’ve been up to this year. 


In our orientation program, we get to know each other, build friendships and learn about what’s expected at NOVA Transition. This year at Rockdale, we welcomed new trainees Rodger, George and Steven, and new Job Coach, Sam, to join second-year trainees Michelle and Alex.

During orientation, we made a comfort agreement – a set of guidelines for how we should behave at the NOVA Transition office and when we’re out and about. It helps make sure we all feel comfortable and respected. We also learned about:

  • our local area and community
  • office safety and emergency procedures
  • training resources and NOVA petty cash procedures
  • what to wear (appropriate and inappropriate work wear)
  • our job choices
  • travel training
  • our life skills.

Learning projects

To find out more about some topics, we do research and produce Word documents. This year we've done projects on:

We have also worked on our personal plan and our wellness toolbox projects. 

Cooking on Fridays

As part of our independent living program, we prepare food for Friday lunch. Our meal depends on how much money we have available. We have to:

  • make a budget
  • work out what to cook
  • print out the recipe
  • spend our money wisely (make sure the ingredients are not too expensive).

If there is not enough petty cash, we have to wait for another week when we can afford it. Our meals have included: spinach pull-apart bread bowl, bacon-cheese frittata, biscuits, and chicken and salad wraps.


We play Kahoot! online quizzes on topics related to what we’re working on, such as: work experience, travel training, or interviews. Sometimes we do fun subjects, like ‘What is Valentine’s Day?’ Kahoot! is a fun way to work and learn together. It’s great for the end of the day to relax. 

What’s coming up?

We’re looking forward to completing our workbooks so we can start work experience in the Level 1 Vocational Taster Industries:

  • Basic computing
  • Basic Office Administration
  • Food Handling & Hygiene
  • Retail.

Meanwhile, our year 2 trainees Michelle and Alex are doing work placements in their job of choice at Oatley Library.

Come along to one of our Taster Days at NOVA Transition – we’d love to show you around!

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