Learnings from NOVA Transition

Learnings from NOVA Transition

Learnings from NOVA Transition

The Transition training room is a hands-on learning environment where we focus not just on work skills, but also on behaviour, attitude and physical wellbeing to support a working lifestyle. 

As these stories from St Marys NOVA Transition trainees show, learning happens on many levels. Trainees might practise making decisions as a group while they explore acceptable workplace behaviour, for example; or pick up technology tips while learning about clothes for work.

Britany & Kaitlin (first year): We consider ourselves good with computers surfing the web and social media but we’d never heard of the ‘snipping tool’. Recently, we were learning all about appropriate clothing for work and what not to wear, and our Job Coach Gloria asked us to use the snipping tool to create a poster of what clothing we will wear to work.

We thought she was joking or speaking another language. But the snipping tool is like magic and fun to use. We could visit any store on-line and use the tool to snip items that we like to create our own groovy poster. Now we're using the snipping tool a lot to create posters. It is so awesome to know about it. We are learning all the time at St Marys NOVA Transition.

James (first year): Healthy eating is not something I have ever given much thought. But since I started at NOVA Transition, my Job Coach has shown me how what I eat on a daily basis impacts directly on my work life. Wow, I didn’t know that! I am learning that, by eating well, I will get sick less and so be a better worker as I will show up to work every day instead of calling in sick.

We have been learning about menus and how to create one of our own with food we like that is good for our health. Cooking mashed potatoes from scratch was interesting: I didn’t know there were so many steps involved. For example, we learned:

  • what size to cut the potatoes into to cook (rather than boiling them whole);
  • how much water to cook the potatoes in;
  • how much milk and butter to add.

This was all new to me!

Dylan (second year): We have learnt about a code of conduct in our training room. Our Job Coach explained a code of conduct as a ‘comfort agreement’. This is a list of acceptable behaviours that we have agreed upon for our St Marys training room, such as what we do and say around people in our workplace. After much discussion among the group, we have agreed that we will:

  • stay on task
  • show respect to one another
  • learn to work in a team
  • be reliable by coming in every day
  • not allow any form of bullying in our space
  • do our best to be positive in a workplace
  • be helpful to each other
  • definitely NOT swear.

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