Personal wellbeing: it's a balancing act

Personal wellbeing: it's a balancing act

Personal wellbeing: it's a balancing act

Health and wellbeing: it’s something we tend to reflect on at this time as we take a break from the hustle and bustle of the year.

Our wellbeing impacts everything we do, which is one reason why looking after ourselves is a focus at NOVA Transition – not just now, but right through the year. At Katoomba NOVA Transition, we explored why it’s important to maintain good health and wellbeing.

Our discussions included physical, emotional, spiritual and mental health. We realised that finding the balance between all these aspects was really important, and decided to make a 3-dimensional pyramid to represent this balance.

Firstly we made a pyramid with a base and four equal sides. The base represented the foundations that our life has been built on.

The four sides of our pyramids were labeled:

Each pyramid’s peak represented the balance between the four aspects: if all sides of the pyramid are equal and there’s a solid base beneath us, we are well balanced.

Our group enjoyed some dynamic conversations about wellbeing and the different aspects of our health. Lachlan suggested that: ‘feeling healthy and knowing that you’re feeling well helps balance out your life and your life choices’. Corey added that ‘maintaining a balance between all sides makes us just happier’.

The pyramid activity was great fun, and has helped us to incorporate discussions about wellbeing into every area of training and life. Indeed, maintaining personal health and wellbeing is a continual project for all of us – necessary on a personal level, and very important professionally.

It’s empowering to realise that we are capable of managing our health and wellbeing. Everyone circumstances are different – some people need more support from others – but taking responsibility for our own health and happiness is something to embrace.  

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