A fair go

A fair go

A fair go

Just imagine: you’ve landed a job, you’re starting to earn money, maybe you’ve even moved into your own place – life is sweet! And then…

…you accidentally spend the rent money; or you lose money through a scam, or you’re not being treated fairly at work.

Luckily, there are ways to avoid these situations, or minimise the damage if they arise. To find out how, Hornsby NOVA Transition hosted Windsor, Rouse Hill and Blacktown outlets for some interactive sessions with Arienne Bourne from Fair Trading NSW.

They covered:

  • Budgeting money
  • Scam awareness
  • Consumer and employee rights.

Budgeting Money

To practise budgeting for our living costs, we started with an amount of money, then had to take out enough for rent, utilities and food. We quickly learnt that our wages wouldn’t go far and that we would have to sacrifice our wants to cover our needs.

It’s important to budget what you earn and keep track of what you spend. Otherwise your bills may not get paid and you may find yourself in trouble with your landlord.

(By Spencer)

Scam awareness

We learned about different types of scams and the dangers of online shopping.

  • Phone scams: people try get your personal information by saying; “Your computer has a virus” or “This is the bank. Your bank account has been hacked and we need your account details”
  • Door-to-door scams: if sales people at your front door have an offer that seems too good to be true, it probably is!  

Arienne gave us information on who to contact if we are scammed and who to advise of scams.

(By Fletcher)

Knowing your rights

Australian consumer laws protect us if something goes wrong with a product or a service. The law includes consumer guarantees, which means the seller must help you. Some products are sold with a warranty, which is a promise from the seller to fix a problem. It’s good practice to keep your receipts as proof of your purchase in case something goes wrong.

Arienne taught us about what to do should you feel that your rights as a consumer have not been met. For more, watch this video from the ACCC.

Arienne also discussed our rights at work. She told us where we could go if were having problems with our employer or our place of employment.

(By Martin)

Arienne’s knowledge and insightful advice helped us to interpret tricky information so that we were better equipped to recognise our rights as consumers and as employees.

Hornsby NOVA Transition

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