The sweet taste of success

The sweet taste of success

The sweet taste of success

The path to employment can feel like a long road. But that makes the taste of success all the sweeter when you reach your goal.

Three young men – Pissett, Lochlan and Hayden – are now enjoying life in the workforce following their NOVA Transition training. In fact, NOVA Transition gave them a big leg up on the journey to employment. Lochlan says he developed good skills in customer-service, time management and organisation through NOVA training and work experience; while Hayden says that NOVA also helped him to learn how to live more independently.

Some of the key elements that make NOVA Transition so successful are:

  • work experience
  • job matching
  • supporting employees and employers. 

Work experience works!

Transition trainees must complete work experience in several different industries. Not only does it give them a taste of life in the workforce; it helps trainees to figure out what industry they are best suited to. Lochlan had already done many work placements when he started work experience at Michel’s Patisserie as a café assistant – and found it was the perfect fit. So much so that he was offered a job.

Many NOVA Transition trainees are offered award-wage work following their work experience placements. That’s another benefit of work experience: it’s an opportunity for trainees to learn about the job options available, and to show potential employers what they can do. 

Job matching

NOVA strives to match trainees to a role that suits them. It’s far more likely to work out well for both employee and employer. Work in hospitality was a great fit for Lochlan; while Pissett seemed more suited to a role in the automotive industry. Staff from Ingleburn NOVA helped Pissett get a traineeship in automotive sales with Ultimate Suspension – and a traineeship means that both employer and employee are committed to making this job a career for Pissett.

Support on the job

Pissett’s employer, Ken, is impressed with how the staff from NOVA Ingleburn have supported both Pissett and himself, making the process simple and smooth. Hayden’s employer, Dean, from Quest Realty, is similarly positive about the support from Rouse Hill Transition staff. Meanwhile, Hayden continues to grow in skill and confidence in his administration assistant role. Says Dean: ‘His attitude improves the positivity of our office overall.’

As they say, nothing succeeds like success. NOVA Transition is here to support you along that path. 

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