Hospitality how-to

Hospitality how-to

Hospitality how-to

Hospitality is a great career choice for many NOVA Transition trainees. Ben, Johnny, Manisha and Yunn from Blacktown NOVA Transition recently did a four-week barista course to develop the waiting skills they would need for work in a café or club.

You might think that a barista course is about making coffee, but there’s a lot more to working in hospitality than making the perfect latte. Understanding the tricks of the trade means you can look professional. For example, you can:

  • carry a heavy tray of glasses without spilling or dropping anything
  • see when a customer has had too much alcohol
  • carry three plates to the table at a time
  • and more!

Carrying plates, hot food, cups and glasses

‘Learning how to carry three plates at once is helpful when you are waiting in a busy restaurant,’ said Yunn. 'It was ok with a bit of practice.'

Manisha had some tips for carrying drinks:

  • ‘When using a tray, always place the large glass or jug in the middle of the tray and place a maximum of four glasses around it.
  • ‘Be very careful with hot drinks and always use the handle.’

Responsible Serving of Alcohol

‘You must not serve alcohol to someone who is under 18 years of age,’ said Manisha. ‘Proof of age (ID) must be shown.’

Signs of an intoxicated customer (who also should not be served more alcohol) include:

  • Ben – ‘Walking funny’
  • Yunn – ‘Aggressive behaviour’
  • Manisha – ‘Slurring words and using inappropriate behaviour’.

‘You can ask your manager for a second opinion about whether the patron is intoxicated,’ said Yunn.


It’s important to maintain a hygienic, safe and presentable restaurant. That includes: 

  • Using a cloth and antibacterial spray to wipe tables
  • Washing hands with hot water and soap
  • Putting things away safely.

The trainees all made great new friends from other NOVA offices. They’re looking forward to learning how to use the coffee machine during an upcoming work experience placement. They know they can hone their hospitality skills by: 

  • continuing to practise carrying plates, cups, hot and cold food
  • researching more about responsible serving of alcohol (RSA) and responsible conduct of gambling (RCG)
  • undertaking more in-depth courses.

 Blacktown NOVA Transition

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