Catching up on bus business

Catching up on bus business

Catching up on bus business

What better way to learn about travelling by public transport than to take the train to the bus depot?

That was the mission of the Windsor Wolves on a recent excursion. Being able to use public transport is an important skill that we practise at Windsor NOVA Transition: it enables us to travel independently to work.

But we decided to go one step further and find out all about buses, the bus industry and what it's like to be a bus driver. So we headed to Windsor Busways Depot to meet Ian, the Manager, and Senior Bus Driver Chris.

Because it's near Mulgrave Station, our day began with a train trip. Once we got to the depot, it was time to put on fluoro safety vests and check out some buses!

Not all buses are the same:

  • school buses are called ‘Barbie buses’ because of their pink hand rails
  • some buses can be lowered to accommodate wheelchairs
  • some of the newer buses have 8 security cameras, which are constantly recording in and around the bus.

We were allowed to go on board to learn about all the controls and checks a driver needs to do before they can pick up passengers. Drivers are given random drug and alcohol tests. There’s a zero tolerance policy, which means that a driver cannot drive a bus if there’s even a hint of alcohol or drugs in their body.

In the mechanical shed we saw buses going through some safety checks and we even got to walk down some stairs and stand directly under a bus! 

After the outside tour we visited the training room where new drivers spend three days learning about safety procedures.  

Because some drivers have hours between shifts, the depot has recreation areas with computers, lounges, table tennis, pool tables and even board games like chess. Some rooms are quiet so drivers can sleep between shifts. 

After our visit to Busways we are keen to catch buses. We know that they are safe and that drivers are always happy to help with any travel concerns! 


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