Learning from past trainees

Learning from past trainees

Learning from past trainees

Whenever they get the chance, Transition to Work groups love to hear from their graduates – people who have found a job and worked in it for a while, then come back and speak to the current trainees. The group at Penrith recently discussed what they learn from hearing these returning graduates.

One very common theme is that the graduates have learnt to become more independent – much more independent than they were when they first came to NOVA Employment.

For example, one of the trainees from Springwood NOVA Transition explained how he got the first job of his life at the age of 20. He was offered paid employment after completing his Work Experience Placement with the employer. He commenced his employment in early 2014 and, after being there for just under three years, he recently told his job coach Gloria that he had been using the budgeting skills he'd learnt at NOVA. As a result he is now successfully saving money and has even bought a property.

He told the group that he has managed to save nearly his entire income because he still lives at home and he takes his own healthy lunch to work every day. His savings grew quickly to the point that he was able to put a deposit down on the property – not something that is easy to do considering the house market in NSW at the moment.

Another trainee explained how he has been in paid employment since 2013 – the longest he has ever stayed in any activity apart from in his schooling years.

The more the trainees hear from others, the more they realise the sky seems to be the limit once they have commenced suitable employment, their independence continuing to grow from that point.


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