Looking after ourselves

Looking after ourselves

Looking after ourselves

At Bankstown Transition to Work, we have a big focus on fitness, healthy eating and looking after ourselves. We are conscious of the fact that if we don’t feel good physically, it’s going to be harder to motivate ourselves to find and maintain employment. That’s why we practice our cooking skills on a regular basis, learn about healthy options for snacks and drinks and how to keep fit and healthy.

Last week we did an exercise where we had to feed 12 people on a budget of just $40. As a group of trainees we had to research recipes we would like to cook and then vote for the one we liked best.

We decided on Penang Thai Curry. We worked out a shopping list according to our budget and then did the shopping. Then everyone participated in food preparation, cooking and serving. We ended up coming in under budget at $35.40 for 12 people.

Afterwards we spoke about how much money you can save by cooking for yourself as opposed to getting takeway. We have also just finished our “Living Independently” workbook which goes into depth regarding the importance of sleep, getting enough exercise and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

One of the great things about NOVA Transition is that they take an individualised approach to each trainee’s goals for employment readiness. Parents are invited to be involved in goal setting meetings, which means we end up taking a team approach that results in the best outcomes for our trainees.


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