Independence is important

Independence is important

Independence is important

Independence is Important for People with Disability

At Hurstville NOVA Transition we think independence affects every aspect of our lives, including travel, chores, leisure, health and education. When you’re independent, it’s easier to find and keep a job.

Being independent also changes the way we feel about ourselves. At Hurstville NOVA we trainees have developed self-confidence when we’ve learnt to be in control of our own safety, be responsible for pets or do our own laundry. With more independence, we rely less on other people and can help others when we how something is done. It can make you feel powerful!

 Other areas in which NOVA trainees learn independence include:

  • Budgeting
  • Personal hygiene
  • Using initiative
  • Preparing food
  • Making decisions.

Making our own decisions is an important part of growing up and finding a job of our choice. To start with, we sit down with our Job Coach and talk about our interests, skills and goals. From there we work out what industry we’d like to work in or job we’d like to do. It might be in hospitality or administration, horticulture or childcare. We do work experience so we can feel what it’s like to work in different places. Sometimes we even get a job out of our work experience!

As part of the training, we learn about our strengths, how to write resumes, how to apply for jobs, what to wear at interviews and how to answer questions posed by a prospective employer. 

Apart from getting invaluable work experience that will lead to an award-wage job, the Hurstville trainees have learnt things we never thought we would, including:

Kamran: ‘I never thought I’d make fries, chops and salad.’

Camilia: ‘I’ve learnt to manage my money and keep my wardrobe clean.’

Belinda: ‘I can do my laundry and clean my room.’

Adam: ‘I’m more responsible.’

Gabriel: ‘I can prepare my own food.’

Jurgen: ‘I know how to wash a car.

Independence makes us feel good about ourselves and when we have children, we can teach them how to do things.


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