Travel training

Travel training

Travel training

At NOVA Transition, trainees learn how to travel independently. To do this we research different travel options on Google Maps and Transport NSW, checking timetables, access and prices.

Whenever we go somewhere as a group, we catch public transport so that people can practise going to new places by train and bus.  NOVA’s travel training also involves helping a trainee access work experience, if they’re not familiar with the route or transport options. The Job Coach will meet a trainee in a particular place at a certain time and travel with them to the place they need to go. The aim is to enable the trainee to feel comfortable travelling to the work-experience placement on their own.


Learning how to travel comfortably and confidently is important because it means we can get to work on time! 

Travel training includes learning how to:

  • Cross the road safely
  • Understand bus and train timetables
  • Interpret signs
  • Buy tickets
  • Use Google Maps and Trip View
  • Plan the route from home to work.

We also need to be able to work out what to do when things don’t go according to plan, such as when the bus is delayed or cancelled or we a accidentally catch the wrong one.

Catching public transport is challenging for many people with a disability but rewarding once you get the hang of it. Some of our biggest challenges include:

  • Some stations don’t have elevators
  • Some buses don’t have wheelchair access or wheelchair spaces
  • Sometimes there are no staff to help people with ‘free travel’ (such as people with vision impairment) onto the station
  • Full carriages during peak hour mean no space for wheelchairs
  • A lack of appropriate announcements for vision and hearing impaired travellers
  • Nasty comments from fellow commuters.

The best part about learning to travel independently is that you don’t have to rely on other people so much. Your self-confidence increases when you can do things yourself, which, in turn, helps you get the job of your choice!

Travel training is just a part of NOVA Transition. Want to know more?

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