A perfect match

Finding a job that suits your personality and interests, with plenty of variety and supportive employers must be every job seeker’s dream. And, no doubt, every employer dreams of finding the right person for the job.

Well, sometimes dreams really do come true. For several months now, Adrian has been working with Petstock as a dog groomer.

‘The odds of getting work in animal care…it was going to be challenging,’ says Adrian’s mum, Sue. ‘He did work experience in hospitality and retail, and in an online warehouse, and he liked that, but he’s super happy with the job he’s got now – it’s an absolutely spot-on match.’

Manager Carla Leisac was also impressed by the way NOVA matched Adrian to the role. ‘[Partnering with NOVA] was a very easy sort of thing,’ she noted. ‘Sometimes recruitment and hiring can be a lengthy or complicated process. But the communication between NOVA and us is really good. It makes it a lot easier.’

Former Senior Groomer, Belinda Boyd, said, ‘We see how much the dogs love Adrian and, in this job, that is a huge thing. He works hard and really seems to enjoy what he is doing. This isn’t an easy job by any means, and Adrian is coping and handling everything very well. We are so, so happy to have him here.’

Adrian and his parents are thrilled as well. ‘I’m relieved that he’s found something that he enjoys; because I’ve always worried that he might end up in some place that would be monotonous and tedious for him,’ says Sue. ‘But this is ideal. He’s got a very calming nature; he’s used to handling pets and he’s quite confident. He gets to work by himself – still with people, but not in the thick of things – so it works well for his type of personality. And sometimes he is on the shop floor putting stock away so he gets a bit of diversity, too.’

Sue had been concerned that Adrian’s shyness would make job interviews difficult. But she’s been impressed with how much he has developed during his time at NOVA Transition. ‘Obviously they must have taught him enough skills,’ she says. ‘I think they did a lot of role plays, which helped; and also the work experience. That helped a lot: building confidence and being given responsibility. And he had a great rapport with his Job Coach Emma, which I think was really important.’

‘If anyone asks me about what Adrian’s doing now, I always give NOVA a plug,’ says Sue. ‘I’ve been very impressed. The communication’s good, they’re very approachable. Any issues we had were always addressed as soon as possible. We are truly grateful that NOVA was able to match Adrian with employment.’


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