Care Work

Care Work


Nurturing confidence leads to job in chosen career

‘It took Tayla a while to find the job that she wanted in childcare. It was looking like it wasn’t going to happen, but it’s turned out perfectly for her,’ says Tayla’s mother, Karen. She's convinced that Tayla found work in her chosen career because NOVA nurtured her confidence and pride in every achievement along the way.


Proud worker, proud Mum

During her second year at Ingleburn NOVA Transition, Michaela started working three days a week in a traineeship, through which she'll gain her Certificate III in Childcare. It was a busy time and hard work, but now she and her mother, Maria, couldn’t be more proud.

When Michaela first got the job, Maria burst into tears. ‘She’d been struggling to find a job and was being knocked back job after job. Negativity all the time,’ Maria says. ‘But she’s been there several months now and they’re really loving her.’


Choose something you like

Jordan really struggled at school and wasn’t too interested in NOVA Transition, where she started after she finished year 12. According to NOVA staff, in her first year of training at Ingleburn NOVA Transition, Jordan would turn up late in clothes unsuitable for a workplace, and swearing.

Thanks to her mother, Raelene’s, encouragement and NOVA’s commitment to finding award-wage work for every trainee that comes through their doors, Jordan’s behaviour started to turn around in her second year.


Growing up through work

Katrina graduated from Windsor NOVA Transition at the end of 2015 and started work in the kitchen and dining room at a local nursing home. On a supported wage, Katrina works from 8am to 3.30pm on Thursday and Friday.

Already, her NOVA Job Coach has reduced her workplace support from 100% to 80%. Some of the improvements Katrina has made are remembering residents names, knowing which rooms need water jugs, and faster setting of tables. She knows to work smarter not harder by sticking to her routines.


Dreaming of this job since she was ten years old …

For Alysha, the best part of working at a childcare centre is playing with the kids. ‘Their excitement rubs off on you. They all love the sandpit. I especially love teaching the kids how to ride bikes, and art. They can really express themselves through art,’ she says.


She's a keeper

Belinda’s favourite part of her job at Kid About in St Marys is cooking, but she gets to do all sorts of roles, including cleaning, sweeping, washing up, wiping up, storing things away and sorting books on the shelf. She also enjoys having more money and likes working with the other staff.

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