Wellness toolbox

Wellness toolbox

Wellness toolbox

It all started one Thursday in March. Here at Penrith NOVA Transition, we decided to brainstorm ideas about how to make people happy. That’s when it hit us: Yoda came down from the heavens with wise words: 'a box of happiness make you can!' And so the adventure began to create a wellness toolbox.

We discussed with our Job Coach Renee that we should start by making a poster of our ideas for the box of happiness. At the Penrith Plaza we found some trinkets to attach: a stress ball to squish the worries away, a chatterbox with inspirational quotes, some tasty chocolate to release endorphins, words that make us happy and suggestions for stress release such as meditation.

Back at NOVA, we got onto the computers for more research. We found local centres for help (e.g. counselling), helpline numbers, more inspirational quotes and information on what you could do when you’re feeling down, stressed, anxious or even nervous.

So what does help when you’re feeling down? Walking the dog is a great start – getting outside and being active are both known to improve your mood. (If you don’t have a dog then just take yourself for a walk and take some cute pictures!)

There are many other things you could do to help make yourself feel better. Read an awesome book (I highly recommend Harry Potter – it’s amazing), or even eat ice cream while watching your favourite show or movie. (While eating ice cream can make you happy, don’t skip the healthy foods: they will improve your wellbeing, which also helps your mood.)

Health and wellbeing is the most important thing. At Transition, we have learned that if we look after ourselves and feel good, then other things in our life including employment are more likely to fall into place. If you are happy and content, this will also help others feel the same.

We also came across an idea called Feel Good Feb, which is about making others feel good through random acts of kindness. We would love to focus on this every couple of months to help each other feel good so that, as we all move on from Transition into employment, we have some good tools to look after our mental health.

This was a great exercise and we can’t wait to make the toolbox for our room with items and information we can use when we are a little down.


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