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NOVA Transition Rouse Hill – from little things big things grow

All of our trainees make progress over time. Some days the progress we make is small; other days it’s huge. But you can’t have the huge improvements without the smaller steps along the way. One of our trainees with a communication barrier has started chatting during breaks, reading out loud in class, greet people in the office and answering questions when they’re posed. (Previously she would just repeat what had been said.)

At Rouse Hill we’re really proud of the combined efforts of our staff and trainees. Our Disability Employment Service staff work so well alongside our Transition staff to ensure trainees feel comfortable and learn to communicate in a working environment. We have a variety of people attending NOVA Transition, including trainees with high functioning autism, with mild to moderate intellectual disability, and with cerebral palsy.

Our work experience program has helped NOVA form some good relationships with local businesses, such as:

  • Best and Less in Rouse Hill 
  • The GPT Property Group (centre management)
  • Norwest Community College
  • NSW Department of Health. 

It feels great to have people from these businesses walk past, say hi and ask how we’re going. Their respect of NOVA means they look forward to each round of work experience where they can enjoy the company of hard working and friendly NOVA trainees.

Here’s what some of our trainees have to say about Rouse Hill NOVA Transition:

Kyle: ‘I really like NOVA Transition because I’ve learnt many things here, including interview skills and money skills. I’ve also made many friends and worked at many places: Franklins, Goodyear, Donut King, Best and Less, Salvation Army and Dymocks. I’ve enjoyed working at those places very much. I highly recommend NOVA.’

Josh: ‘I enjoy the friendly nature of the program and the people, and the opportunity to do work experience out in the real world. It is a great pleasure to get up in the morning to come to this lovely group of people.’

Meru: ‘I enjoy learning about new industries, how to use the computer (typing Word documents and surfing the web) and how to catch the bus by myself. I also enjoy completing the workbooks about working and living independently. Another thing I enjoy about NOVA Transition is the work experience.’

Melissa: ‘The parts of NOVA Transition that I like include work experience, cooking and using computers. I’ve also enjoyed learning to communicate more and going to lunch or afternoon tea with my friends from Rouse Hill group.’

Want to head towards work that you enjoy?
Contact NOVA Transition Rouse Hill:

Suite 105 / Level 1 The Cutaway
Rouse Hill Town Centre

Ph: (02) 8818 7700

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