NOVA Transition Penrith proudly develops work and life skills in young adults

At NOVA Transition Penrith, we treat our trainees with the respect and consideration due to a young person getting ready for work. Our trainees respond to this by learning new skills, working hard during their work experience placements and maturing into job-ready adults.

Our trainees enjoy the hands-on practical learning that NOVA Transition delivers, such as seeing workplaces first hand, practising tasks and meeting staff at industry visits. They also enjoy trialling different jobs at the many work experience placements available through NOVA. Occasionally we cook meals. This builds skills for independent living, such as healthy eating, writing shopping lists, purchasing items, preparing and cooking food and cleaning up afterwards.

All of our current trainees are working hard to develop their communication, listening, presentation and interviewing skills to become ready to seek open employment. We celebrate achievements every day. For inspiration, we always look to graduates from previous years.

A wide range of young adults with disabilities attend Penrith NOVA Transition. Every day we shift employment barriers for individuals who may have Down syndrome, autism spectrum disorder, intellectual disability, Williams syndrome, hearing or vision impairment, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, cyanotic congenital heart disease and cerebral palsy. Each trainee brings their own skills and life experience, which everyone can learn from. The trainees get used to working with a variety of people, cultures, interests and skills.

NOVA Transition staff at Penrith empower our trainees to make decisions that will help them achieve their employment goals. Our trainees on the path to open employment. 

Want to get on the path to open employment? Contact NOVA Transition Penrith: 

20 Soper Place

Ph: (02) 4726 3900

Penrith graduates, 2015 

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