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You've come to the right place! NOVA's Transition to Work program is your ticket to work. On this website you can check out our success stories, listen to praise for our TTW program.

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Hard Job

It's voting time at "Focusonability" - with a record number of films entered, a tremendous effort by more than 100 High Schools and 19 countries ...



Choice & Control

The NDIS slogans around choice and control demonstrate the importance of consumer involvement in both the choice and control of supports they need....




Last week (14-16) it was my privilege to attend the 1st World Supported Employment Conference in Belfast, Northern Ireland. "Employment for All ...

Our Program


Our program has one aim - to guide our TTW participants (trainees) into paid work that suits their choices, skills and abilities. The many opportunities offered by NOVA Transition ensure that trainees understand that they can match their skills, interests and experience to a job.

Personal management skills, such as understanding time, money and direction

Communication skills, such as how to speak on the phone and the importance of listening well

Job-seeking skills, such as how to match your interests to a job, how to write a resume and how to impres people at an interview

Work experience placements in a variety of different industries so that you can explore your options and choose the best job for you

Information and support for planning your carer and accessing useful services within the community


Success Stories

Rachael joined our Transition to Work Program almost 4 years ago. Rachael's job choice was always hospitality. She had a passion for the industry and was an excellent worker. She landed herself a permanent part-time position at Sizzlers in Woodbine and has been there for over 2 years. Well done Rachael!